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"The general sent you to bomb an alien infested area, unfortunately your spaceship falls. Assuming that you´ll be dead soon and he´ll get the permission to bomb that area, he tells you that it will take 20 days to get you back...

Can you prove he´s wrong? "

Plenty of action for you Pocket PC! including:

 5 weapons (2 need to be unlocked!)
 Different endings

 2 game modes
 Great animation and graphics
 Particle system for the blood
 Persistent graphics*
 4 Control Methods!


"I find Infestation is a great shooter game with a polished look and feel to it. It's got graphics, sounds, destruction, defending the planet, mindless entertainment -- all the fixin's for some great meeting filler material!"
Score: 4.8 out of 5.0 at

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You can also:

Infestation also sells on Handango!

If you prefer, you can download the demo just by downloading the cab file alone for your device. But this way you´ll need to manually copy the cab file to your device and double click on it:
Download CAB File

 Real-time rotated sprites, for a more smooth and fluid animation
 6 hi-score tables, one for each game mode and difficulty**
 Endless hours of fun!!

* Each alien you kill or each dropped blood will stay there as long as the current game goes!
** Challenge your friends to see if they can kill more than you!

Requirements: Windows Mobile 2003 Pocket PC or Higher!

"I think this game deserves some sort of award. It is probably the most original game I have played for PocketPC and the graphics are stunning. Though navigation can be difficult at times, the game is definitely entertaining. If you are looking for a fantastic way to waste time and have fun while doing it, get Infestation. You won't be disappointed."
5 ou of 5 stars!

Some Game Tips:

-Master to walk backwards!
-Ammo can be accumulated if you get the same weapon that you currently holds
-End the game on the arcade level, easy difficult, to unlock a weapon
-The normal difficult will unlock another one!!
( and will feature the standard ending )
-On the arcade mode, hard difficult, try to end the game with different items!
( special personalized ending )


Thanks to Mike Wagstaff, the webmaster of.

And to Ramsby Scott, the author of PocketSnes.

Both for being the Beta testers for the ARM Platform.